Wednesday, May 22, 2002

4:33 PM
Ah, Mom has taken Mason to soccer so it is time for my blogging with quiet in the house... Today was a nice day, actually starting off not so nice when I had to finish reading "The Pigman's Legacy" AND finish my GA History concept map in about 45 minutes this morning... ahhhh. A stupid procrastinator I am. Ah, Yodaspeak. :-) ANYWAYS...Homeroom- was reading frantically through "Pigman's Legacy" which is exactly like the old one except I actually liked it a bit better, though I didn't like either very much at all. 1st period- I finished reading it almost RIGHT before we had to take the test! I think I did well. So we took the test...
2nd period- did this little experiment with 2 students having a "child" and just flipping a coin to see if it was a dominant or recessive gene, etc. Me & Elizabeth made up parents' names... "Tom and Isabella Deaken" have an UGLY little boy named "Thomas Bolshevik Deaken" (hm wonder where we got the middle name from?... probably GA History... and of course Mollie and I have fond memories of that word... :-D). He has hairy ears! Ha ha. 3rd period- Had our drama awards... Hila and Liam got best actors, Stephanie and Jo best cast members, Martha, director's award, Alyssa, director's award, Alexa, Best actor... and then I got the Writer's Award. That made my day, since this is really the first time that something has been made of something I wrote and considering I want to be a writer... well. Then we had this little goodbye thing from Lily and at the end when she left (this is the seniors' last day at DHHS before they have this loong graduation practice tomorrow and of course the real thing- which I'm going to- on Friday) we gave her a group hug, etc etc. Thus began the tears, I think. Ms. Bailey signed my yearbook and I signed hers and I gave her her present. 4th period- Chorus awards- I got "Most Likely to be a Teacher"?!?!??!?!!? Huh??????? Whatever. Then we all just hung out. Sofe and I had a "16 going on 17 singalong" :) w/ Sofe as Rolf and moi as Liesl. He he. 5th period- GA History... actually got to work on concept maps some more... I'll finish it tomorrow in class, so thank goodness! 6th period- WAtched MORE "Jaune de Florets" and planned for Culture Day on Friday. I am bringing eclairs just like last year. 7th period- finished math final... and I brought my calculator this time! Smart me! :-D Thank Goodness, I'm just glad it's over. Oh yeah, after lunch me & LN and some other people cleaned out our lockers... no more lockers! And we're not s'posed to bring much tomorrow. No backpacks= no books! Yea! Tonight is the WNS talent show... Me, Megs, & Molls are singing "Ready to Run" like we did @ the Coffee House. I need to do my make up lang. arts composition TONIGHT... that is really my only homework. Yay, because this week has been torture as far as homework/procrastination goes. Tomorrow is my bro's promotion... more lata. Beautiful day, not too hot, not too cold. --clairey PS. live each moment at a LIFE (lachaim- the fiddler on the roof thing... sp?)

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