Wednesday, May 01, 2002

4:25 PM
Hi, we got our yearbooks today. It was a good day, especially the yearbook party. I got so many signatures and notes and they all were so great. 17 days!!! YAHOOOOO! Except the yearbook stuff is starting to make me realize that we are actually leaving the school and we'll all be split up to go to 2 different schools next year. It's very sad. I'm losing at least one of my best friends. But we'll keep in touch, of course. I hope we can keep in touch WELL though, and a lot. *Sniff sniff* Well, Marty's telling me not to be so negative.... so, ok, I'm gonna cry on the last day, but right now, just enjoy it. It was a lot of fun though, although the room was extremely hot. I probably have work I should do.... gol durn it. I'm talking to David, Jessie, and Marty. Tonight is church supper. I'm gonna show Elizabeth my yearbook. That's about all for now... the world will know!! ~clairey

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