Monday, May 13, 2002

4:19 PM
Hm, I guess I put my watch up....... I tho't I had it on but I guess not. Whoops. Memory slip. It has been raining HARD HARD HARD but I'm just glad it wasn't thundering or anything. Last night @ Youth we watched the movie "Bonhoeffer" (sp? It's German so how would I know?) about the guy in WW2. It was fun- Lanny came! And David and Mollie wanted to get Chris's Paul McCartney tickets.. he he. Today was a pretty good day... 9 days, 9 days, I can do it... yay! 2 weeks from today I shall be in da UK. And Katie is coming home on Saturday!!!! YAY!!!!! Happy! Even though I will be camping this weekend, I'm sure I'll hopefully see her before I go. Oh yeah, also, yesterday afternoon Mom and I went shopping. I got stationary and an address book for my trip. We're listening to "Santa Fe"... I never realized you could play CDs in the computer. Whoops. I have a semi-scratchy throat. Today went as follows: English- we did grammar Science- worked and watched some of "The Perfect Storm" although then she got mad at us bc people were being too loud so I dunno if we'll get to watch it tomorrow. Drama- watched the performance of the play! Chorus- sang... the concert is on Thursday night. GA History- went over concept mapping, the weird Mind Power (with the 1897 Sears Roebuck catalogue items... BREAST ENLARGER??!?!), and the WW1 sheet. French- Mme W. (aka Mme P since she got married) wasn't there because she had a miscarriage... :-( That is sad. I'm so sorry for her. But LN & me memorized our conversation... (Salut, Herve! Ca s'est bien passe, l'ete? Ah, non, alors! C'etait ennuyeux....) Math- started review for our stupid stupid stupid final which is sometime in the next 9 weekdays. Urrrrgh. La la la young stand tall.... and the time is now.... and our ranks will grow, the world will feel the fire and finally know...
---clairey :-D buhbye now

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