Wednesday, May 08, 2002

4:15 PM
Ahhhhh, 12 more days til freedom. Thank goodness, I can't wait. My rope is drawing to an end. Tired of people I don't get along with too well, tired of algebra. Tired of fixing lunches every morning, going to bed late and waking up early. Tired of outlining books, tired of cliques (although there are going to be those everywhere I go, and I'm sure I could be labeled as in one, but whatever), tired of hate and cruelty and people bumping into you and holding so many books and notebooks and jamming your locker and going to the same classes every single day of the week of the month of the year. Although I suppose I am going to miss SMS. I mean, 2 years there... I remember 2 years ago around this time, all of us who were getting ready to leave LRS were scared because SMS was soooo big and huge and blah blah blah blah blah... and it was. I remember the first day of school in 2000, and how freaked out we all were, us little ones. But, this is one special place, if you think about it. I mean, we all say that we hate school, but otherwise I never would have met LN and Marty and Annie and other people... (and of course LRS where I met Lizzie) And otherwise I never would have good times and laugh and enjoy myself, etc. etc. etc., I hope you get the jist of what I'm saying because hopefully you all have had some of the same good experiences. Certain songs remind me of certain events... ("Drive" by Incubus- September 11) chorus songs from last year, etc. Soon it'll be the last day and we'll all be crying, saying goodbye, it's time for a new start. Although we'll see some of the same people next year, but not many. 2 different schools- man, that sucks. Urrrgh. They put us together for 2 years to make best friends (and enemies too, I guess) and then they split us up. Hmphhhh.
OK, but about today... Language arts- took our "Night" quiz... Science- watched more of "Twister" (very good movie by the way, just as long as I'm not in a tornado like that- and another thing- why is Bill Paxton always in the adventure movies?? "Twister", "Titanic"... jeez)... Drama- watched Kelly, Lexi, Andrew, and Palmer perform "First Date"- it's gonna be very good. I can't wait for Saturday night when I get to go see the whole thing... Chorus- went outside because it was the 6th grade's Field Day- it was extremely hot and did I mention that I wore a skirt today because Coach O was giving us extra credit in math (that makes no sense but I really don't care as long as I get extra credit, he he)?? But I bought a slice of pizza and an orange soda and sat w/ Annie and Elisa and Caitlin and Elizabeth and Marty, etc. etc... GA History- worked on a very interesting project w/ LN about different situations during WW1 and we had to figure out what the US would do since we were neutral to begin with... French- had a sub again and took a quiz... Math- went over "Special products" with polynomials... then I came home. Tonight @ church supper, it is the Kids' choir play and they're doing "St. Francis" which is the first one that I did when all of our group was in 3rd grade. It will be so weird to see it. Mollie's bringing her yearbook and I'm bringing mine. Tomorrow is Diane's 17th birthday and the dress rehearsal for the youth concert. We had a rehearsal last night and it went very well. I am excited about it. I might not go to Field Day, I'm not sure yet... Ms. L thinks I shouldn't because it's gonna be so hot and I would get very tired and we don't want me to get a relapse 3 weeks before I'm supposed to go to Ireland do we?? Nooooooo. --clairey :-)

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