Tuesday, May 07, 2002

4:14 PM
I haven't written in a few days so there is much to say...
OK, on Sunday I went to Sunday School and we had a great time as usual... we have great random conversations, although I'm sure that's not exactly what we're SUPPOSED to be doing... Ah well, it's the most fun thing we could do. Then church- I sat with Chris and it was Communion... then lunch with Elizabeth and her family since they are leaving in June. :-( It was a lot of fun though- Sista E got her driver's license on Saturday!!! AHHHH! :-) Ha ha just kidding Lizbeth. THEN home for about 2 hours during which I worked on my outline of "Night", although I didn't get too much done. THEN to choir for an early start because our second annual concert is on Friday. We have rehearsal tonight, too. And for youth we had the senior banquet. I always love those. I love the secret friend aspect the best I think. It was funny because Beth's secret friend was her dog, and then Andy, who was reading Ginny's bio, said, "GB, your secret friend is yet another canine..." And I was like, oh yay, another dog (sarcasm), "...so here is your canine secret friend, Rachael L." And obviously, as we all know, Rachael isn't a dog, so it was such a surprise when she opened the door and Ginny just rushed to hug her and it was one of my favorite parts of the whole night. And of course the lovely dessert was excellent as well. It went on for quite awhile and then ended around 9:30. THEN I had to go home and work on my GA History and "Night" outlines, both of which I thought were due yesterday (which they were, as my teachers had said). So I worked til about 11:15 PM and then went to bed.
On Monday morning, I woke up early to finish them, but I didn't finish either so I was going to humbly explain to my lang. arts teacher about "Night" and how I stupidly procrastinated and made different choices (seroiusly- I was busy ALL WEEKEND!) and then just finish my GA History outline in class or at home but then it turned out that my lang. arts teacher put off the due date til today!!! So some sort of luck was shining upon me yesterday and I got to finish everything last night. :-D School on Monday was okay... Sometimes I think I am too serious. But it's just me, so I can't change that really. It's just who I am so I need to learn to live with that.
School today was fine. I turned in my "Night" outline and thankfully we talked so long about the book itself that the quiz has been put off til tomorrow. In science, we watched "Twister" and we're gonna keep watching that all week- yay! In Drama, I went around taping posters for the play up all around the halls. In chorus, we sang thru the concert, which is a week from Thursday. In GA History, we took the Chapter 12 test... in French, we worked on workbook exercises because we had a sub... and in math, we talked about multiplying polynomials that left me extremely blaahed out. Tonight, as I said, I have choir practice for 2 hours. But thank goodness the only homework I have is to study for a French quiz and study for the "Night" quiz!
13 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D:-D:-D Yahoooooo! In 3 weeks, I will be in the UK. Excellent!!!!
Last night Mom and Mase and I went to dinner (at Picadilly AGAIN) with my grandparents and my aunt and my 2 cousins (who are so extremely cute- my cousin- he's 3- took off his shirt and his sister, age 1, toddled around with blue jello on her face :-D).
I am reading a book (actually, already finished, but rereading) called "Forever Liesl". I got it on Saturday at the library. It is by Charmian Carr, who played Liesl in "The Sound of Music". It's a really great book because she tells all about filming and her life after it, which includes staying close friends with all the other "von Trapp children". I wanna watch it this weekend so I can see how I see it now, after reading the book.
Moooore later.... :-)

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