Friday, May 03, 2002

4:09 PM
Hey y'all! It's FRIIIIIDAY!!!!!!! :-) Oh happy day! And it rained and was cloudy all day... pretty nice change from sunny, although it was warm. Today we finished up standardized testing and then I went to chorus where we mostly signed yearbooks while drama practiced the play... then GA History where Ms. L did more information on the Progressive Era... then lunch... then 1st period during 6th because of the screwed up schedule... we took a vocab test and looked at a poem called "Love Without Love". Then we had 6th period during 7th period because of the screwed up schedule. But we didn't do much and I got to finish my make up test and voila! I'm done with my French make up work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAA! Whoo hoo! Phew! LN's on a retreat this weekend. On Sunday, it's senior send-off for youth. Should be fun (sniff sniff). Katie's done with classes and has finals soon... good luck! "Spiderman" came out today, I really wanna go see it. Our Youth concert is one week from tonight! Yay! We have a lot of rehearsals this coming week too. 15 days and counting.... 3 weeks from today is the last day! Wow. That is so hard to believe. We are having sub sandwiches and potato salad tonight! YAYAYAY! Tomorrow I think Mom and I are going to maybe go shopping a little for my big trip that is coming up 3 weeks from Sunday! Major scream--- YAY! I cannot wait. Ugh, ants are crawling on our computer table because my brother left a milky way or something on it... urrrgh. Oh, my 2 books from the library came in! One is for school, but one is a memoir of the making of "The Sound of Music" by Charmian Carr, who played Liesl. Ahh, c'est le weekend! C'est parfait! :-) Tchao and rain --clairey the weekend lover

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