Tuesday, May 14, 2002

3:59 PM
URRRRRGH! I still cannot find my stupid watch--- where did it go?!?!?! I am so disoriented without it. Hmph. Ah well. Today was a pretty good day. Here we gooo: Language Arts- grammar (duhhh) Science- working on a test that REALLY counts (hmph) Drama AND Chorus- cleaned out Ms. Bailey's office... he he he... Emily despises pack rats so she was throwing every other thing into the trash. GA History- the library to work on Concept Map #1, although LN and I didn't have much time since they packed up ALL the reference books (IRRRGH) and the Net is too, too broad. French- did conversation with LN. I feel so bad for Mme since she lost her baby. I might write her a note. At least our final is on Friday, so then we can have fun and relaxation next week. Math- added extra points to our grades (I had an 89, but hopefully it'll be higher as far as the points go). Our final is sometime next week. Oh, another note about Drama- we're performing "Age of ME by US" on Friday during 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th periods for some classes, so I'll get to be in it!!! YAYAYAY! :-) Tonight is Mason's band concert and today is my Daddy's birthday. :-) I just found out today that we have a picnic on Thursday for all the 8th graders. SHould be funnn. Lizzie just came by with the notebook; she is DETERMINED to finish it by the end of the year and we have many, many pages left. 8 days! YAYYYYYYYYY! Whoo hooo! Tomorrow I am getting a massage at the chiropractor's- an hour long, tooo! Ahhhh, how heavenly, wonderful. Tchao beautiful people. :P

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