Sunday, May 26, 2002

1:45 PM
Well, I am leaving in a few hours! I am all packed and someone is coming to look at our house (that is for sale since we've found a great house that we put under contract)... I am excited but I hope the flight goes well, and just getting to the airport and everything. I will try to post updates on this page and also those who know me, I'll email I think. And of course I have stationary to write nice paper letters on. Anyways.... about Laura's party on Friday night. It was the best. We all had a blast I think, dancing. It was AWESOME! Yesterday went to Victor's pool party... They have a pool AND a jacuzzi so it was, jump in the freezing pool, get out and RUN to the steaming jacuzzi. Went to Mick's for dinner with the family last night, also got pictures from school back. Went to sunday school and church this morning; actually, met Molls at Starbucks beforehand to have a last goodbye chat. Now I'm talking to David... have to miss his party because I'm going to Ireland. Oh darn. :) I will miss all of you! Be sure to check back if you wanna hear about my wonderful trip. Peace, clairey

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