Friday, May 10, 2002

1:20something PM
I get to stay home today!!! YAY! It's Field Day, and it might not be too bad a temperature since it's sort of cloudy, but still... hot, I can imagine. Stuff to say:
On Wednesday night, the kids choir did the "St Francis" play that I did in 3rd grade. I found 2 pictures of me, Mollie, Elizabeth, and Laura F... it was exactly 5 years ago on Wednesday night. But it did make me realize how much better the youth performances are and how lucky I am to be a part of them. Also how lucky I was to have Patti and all the other directors I've had.
Yesterday during Drama we went to the stage and practiced "The Age of ME by US". Ms. Bailey was out on the field so Ms. Martin was in charge of us... Kelly and I were the directors for the day (sort of) and I really got to see it up on stage. It is set up beautifully... the stage is basically like the school. Before each skit, we ring a bell (like a school bell), and everyone gets up and just walks around or does something they might do at school for 10 seconds- they can go to their "locker" and pick up a book (we really do have a set of lockers up onstage), they can walk around talking with their friends, they can go sit down in a "classroom" (groups of chairs), etc. etc. Then, the next skit starts from somewhere on the stage. It was a great idea on Ms. Bailey's part. Opening night is tonight, and even if I can't be there because of the choir concert, I know it'll go great. I'm going tomorrow night and I want to see it so badly! It's the first time my work has ever really been performed/published/whatever for a live audience, for presentation. My world premiere! He he. OK, let's not go that far, but you get the jist.
Last night was choir dress rehearsal. I think it's going to go really well. Wes, of course, was a bit nervous, but shouldn't he be? I mean, he's the director. He's counting on us! :) Diane and Katie and I were the only altos and Katie had a really bad cold and couldn't sing, so I think Diane and I held our own really well, considering we still drown out most of the other sections. (Goo Alto women.... join us, come to the dark side... :-D just kidding. yea, yea, never mind) Yesterday was Diane's 17th birthday and she gave blood at school. Also, David, Mr. Senior, got his yearbook so I was flipping thru it and seeing all the people I know. Tonight should be a lot of fun, although Diane and I were blowing our voices singing so loudly and strongly last night, so I haven't been talking loudly or at all, and drinking hot tea. I've cleaned my room some today and watched the end of "The Sound of Music" (I started it yesterday, inspired by "Forever Liesl"). Dad should be coming home in a little while, this afternoon! YAYAYAY! That's about it... ta ta beautiful readers --clairey

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