Friday, May 17, 2002

10:14 PM
Hi! C'est vendridi! Yea baby! 5 days!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! OK, here goes: 1st-3rd periods- Did "The Age of ME by US" for classes. It was so much fun! I enjoyed it so much. Then in chorus we did nothing, of course... jumped rope and hula hooped... played fun games!
"This is a tape."
"A what?"
"A tape!"
"A what?"
"A tape!"
"OH! A tape!"
"This is a blue."
"A what?"
"A blue."
and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...........
"Big booty big booty big booty... awwww yeah..."
"Honey, if you love me will ya gimme a smile?"
Good times, good times.
Then I stayed down there for pizza during some of 5th period and then I went back up to the library and talked with LN and Ms. Logsdon and Alex and Connor, etc. etc. It was fun. Then we ate lunch and I had a fun conversation with Mary, Hannah, and LN. Took our final exam in French... no more work in that class! YAYAYAY! I hope Mme will be back on Monday. It was pretty easy. Then I went back to the cafeteria to take pictures for the play... then I couldn't go to the 7th period production of the play because I felt like I needed to review for math, since I CANNOT FAIL this final that is on Tuesday. So in math we reviewed and I was very glad that I went. Came home... Mom went to run errands and she got my pictures developed @ CVS... yay! They are great pictures. If you wanna see em, ask me. I'll bring them on camping. And tonight, Mom and I went to the Griffins' house for dinner. It was fun. Nice outside. Picked my brother up from his school dance. Packed for camping.. I'm riding with the Griffins' tomorrow morning. I hope it's fun! I'm watching "Seinfeld" now. Peace and a wonderful weekend!!!!! --clairey

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