Friday, May 03, 2002

10:08 PM
Hiiii, I just got back from seeing "Spiderman" on opening night!!!! We went with our friends, who invited us to go see it. It was an awesome movie- Tobey McGuire was VERY good and VERY cute. Kirsten Dunst was good too, as was Willem Dafoe, and James Franko, etc. etc. The only complaint I have- the ending. Even though they're setting it up for a sequel, still.... SOOO annoying! He's been in love with her forever, and she's never looked his way til now, and then he says he can only be her friend. AAAAARRRRGH!!!!!!! How could he?!?!??! But otherwise, it was a very good, very enjoyable movie. & on Opening Night too! Yea! But before that, when our friends were turning out of the driveway on the way to the movie, the driver hit a truck that was right behind us and dented it! The truck is usually not there. But they worked it all out, it was just a small dent. But the evening was very fun. Tomorrow I need to go shopping with Mom. La la la la la laaaaa. I want email! :-) G'night, yaaawn --clairey

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