Friday, April 12, 2002

8:57 PM
I really hope you guys don't think I am totally obssessed with guys- I am definitely not. And "Newsies" has excellent music as well, so the guys are really just an extra. But anyways, today our nurse person (her name is Peggy and she's really nice) who helped us with the IVs and stuff came to change my PICC line (that's what my IV is called) dressing (meaning the tape and stuff). Then Mom and I went for a recheck at my doctor's office. My doctor said she thinks I am doing better, but she thinks it is a good idea to stay home from school one more week to build up strength, etc. Then I came home... and Ms. Stanley, my 3rd grade teacher came over to visit!! Oh, also, my 5th grade teacher called us and he's in the hospital with pneumonia too!! I hope he's okay and gets out soon. But Ms. Stanley visited and it was great to see her... and then Julia came over. We hung out for awhile. Then me and Mase went to Picadilly with Nana and Pop Pop while Dad and Mom went out to dinner at a French restaurant with the Osbornes. So Mom & Dad just got home and Dad's getting my IV stuff ready. Soooo I'm signing off at the momento... Enjoy your weekend loverly people! --clairey PS. ohhhh yeah- I got a get well card from Katie!!! Thanks Katie, I love you so much and I promise I'll write you soon!!!

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