Tuesday, April 09, 2002

8:57 PM
Doo doo doo, I'm the king of New York... Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, Dad is taking the day off to help "stage" the house. Oh great. That means more piling stuff into boxes and making my room (and our house) look like something that it isn't. But don't tell Mom and Dad I said that. Of course, if they ever read this, they'll know. But oh well. I love typing. Typing is so much fun, especially since I can do it so fast. Hee hee hee. Sigh. Nothing is on TV at the moment. My headache is gone, yahoooooo! And mostly, so is my pain. That is so wonderfully excellent. Daa dee da.... I feel so much better than I did. I don't really even feel sick anymore! Joy, frabjous day!! Calooh, calay... (read Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" if you want to know what I'm talking about)
I was going thru a memory box today and I smelled the juniper breeze soap from Bath&Bodyworks that I got at Molls' birthday party in 5th grade. It has been reduced to a very small fragment after being used, but its smell reminds me distinctly of sixth grade. It's amazing. When I breathe it in I seem to smell "Black Balloon" or "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls, or "Meet Virginia" by Train. Smells are so special.
Moving on... what the heck am I going to do about the Youth Week/Family time dilemma??
- being with close friends
- becoming closer
- having a lot of fun
- being on the tourist strip
- going to the beach a TON
- not getting too much out of it
- missing my own beachhouse
- not being able to record my height for 2002

- get to invite a friend
- be at the wonderful house that I love
- all the familiar smells
- all the fun I have there
- the calm bay
- time to do whatever I want
- miss all my youth friends
- miss out on fun, special events
- feel left out
- possibly miss out on chance to see people going to college for the last time

But it's NOT Epworth, and it's not St. Simons. If there was a perfect situation, I would invite all the youth to the beachhouse! :-) Mes parentes would freak. He he. But I really love our beachhouse so much and I would be so upset if I had to miss going to it this year. And the reason I would go to Youth Week is for the people (particularly graduating seniors, of which there are not too many), not the place. But if I knew my parents and my brother were at the beachhouse while I was on the beach strip with millions of people, I would feel extremely insanely unhappy and jealous. Besides, there will be many other Youth week opportunities, possibly at Epworth in coming years. And the same with the beachhouse, but I get to see these youth people all the time; I only get a chance to be at the beachhouse once every year. Hm. Plus, I think my parents would let me invite a friend, or maybe two. That would be a blast. I think. Aargh, errgh, urrgh, this is SO unfair! Why, why, why!! More weeks in summer is what we need!! :-) This is my summer schedule at the momento:
5/26-6/6- The UK
6/9-6/14- Camp
6/21-6/23- family reunion
6/24-6/28- Youth week OR beachhouse
7/8-7/12- work @ summer daycamp
7/15-7/19- work @ summer daycamp
7/22-7/26- work @ summer daycamp

That's all. So I won't have many weeks at home, except for the times after daycamp (which ends at about 1 PM so it's not that bad. And besides I get paid for that. :-) School starts on August 12, I think. The 2nd Monday in August? Ergg, scary to think about. Starting a new school! Ahhhh! He he.

OK, hm, is that the end of my summer rant? I'm sure I will probably have more to say about that a little later this month or next month... Jeez it's just so hard to decide. Ahhhhhhhh.... and now my brain will blast into oblivion. Not really. Big, huge, desperate sighhhhhh. Bye now
--clairey the girl who is disturbed about her summer decision(s)

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