Wednesday, April 10, 2002

8:48 PM
Guess what?? I am soo extremely happy and relieved now!! That is because my dad called my uncle who owns the beachhouse and fixed the dates of our stay with him- June 26-July 1 (I think); a Wednesday to Wednesday! In that case, I could go on Youth Week, and then mes parentes could pick me up from Youth Week when it was over on that Friday and take me back to the beachhouse! That way, I could have 5 days at the beachhouse!! WHOO HOO!!!! The only thing is that I couldn't have a friend at the beachhouse in that case, unless I invited a friend from Youth who was going on Youth Week. We'll see. But that makes me feel soooo much better!! Ahhhhhhh, sweet, fresh relief.
Have you all ever realized how privileged you are to peer into the life of moi? This stuff I would usually write down in a completely private diary, even though none of this is really private; I write the reallllly private stuff in a journal anyways.
But I like having people able to read it; it's a neat idea.
Kathleen stopped by with tulips and we talked for a little while. That was nice. I have been in my room putting more stuff into boxes. I am proud of myself; I am on Box #3. My shelves actually look much better, and hopefully my dresser will look better soon too.
Tomorrow morning we are going out to breakfast and maybe my grandparents will come too. Tomorrow I really need to work on schoolwork. I am still nervous about that. School, I mean. I just need to get a good start on the work. Gotta go, I'm gonna need to do my IV around 9:30 so I need to go clean some more.
--clairey the very very very much relieved child of life

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