Tuesday, April 30, 2002

8:45 PM
Well, I am feeling better. Did a bit of work, I don't have that much to do since all we have is GA History tomorrow because of the signing party. Yahoo! Can't wait- the cover of the yearbook is very cool- a flag, of course. Speaking of which, my dad is taping a PBS program on why the twin towers actually fell down. It's always shocking to see those images again and know that I was there that day, alive, watching it as it unfolded. Oh- Ms. Rodgers wants the drama club to perform "9/11" before the signing party.......?? Maybe. Not sure. I made a new journal out of a composition book. But of course, I'll keep on blogging. G'night, world- be happy, enjoy life... seriously!
--clairey the blogger or blogposter or whatever
ps. the author of "Zel" is one of Katie's profs @ college!!!!!! Cool beans!!!! (she's coming home soon too!!! Katie, that is)

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