Monday, April 08, 2002

8:32 PM
Just got back from another walk with the doggies and Mom and Dad. Now I'm listening to "Carryin' the Banner"... :-) Free as fishes... okay, anyways. I have a dilemma on my hands, people!! OK- my youth group is going to FLA for a week this summer and I want to go although I've heard where we're staying is right on the beach with all the tourist traps and hotels (urgh). The same week, my family might go to our beachhouse in the same part of FLA. Honestly, I want to go to my family's beachhouse but I would love to be with all my friends at the same time! Aargh, this is so unfair. Hmph hmph.
Anyways, on to another rant of mine that we heard earlier today, guess who could be performing downtown @ this very moment?!!? SARAH HUGHES!! Another hmph. OK, I know I am complaining a whole lot. I am also talking to Mollie and Hila. OK, now just Hila- Mollie signed off.
Ugh I don't even want to think about make up work right now... so I won't! Time for chocolate ice cream w/ chocolate chips. ;-) Being the chocoholic that I am.
I also have to convince my dad to buy me the Newsies soundtrack on Amazon. He he he.
--clairey the convincer
PS. I want EMAIL! If you are in town.

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