Tuesday, April 09, 2002

6:27 PM
Hi guys, LN left a little while ago. We had a fun time just talking about anything and everything, which is what we usually do. I was cleaning out my room too, because if we're planning to put our house on the market, we have to "stage" it, meaning make it look like normal people who don't make a mess actually live there. Which also means taking down my pictures and posters and stuff. I am going to pretty much sort of leave my room like it is until my parents tell me otherwise. Because if I take down all my pictures and stuff, then it's not my room anymore! But then of course after we move I'll have a totally new room which will be fun to redecorate. But it will be so sad to leave this house. I mean, I've lived in it every year of my life except one year when we lived in Washington, but that was when I was really little anyways. So this has been my house all my life. Sniff sniff. However, it is so small. But a cozy small!! Oh, I went to Chapter 11 and got new books! The People Yearbook 2002, "The Discovery of Chocolate" by John Runchie (sp?), "The Water is Wide" by Pat Conroy, "Walking to Egypt" (or something like that) by Clyde something... I'll check later. I cleaned off my bookshelf today too... put a lot of books into boxes. But I saved some on my shelf so I don't die because I need, need, need books to survive! :-) Books & water & chocolate. And Newsies would be nice too. Watching "Legally Blonde"... Warner is SO STUPID!! And he's a jerk. I hate him. He's so mean. Aargh. The reason I'm saying all this right now is because he just told Elle he thinks they should break up. Just because he wants to have a good future and marry someone serious. "I need to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn." Oh please. You should marry for LOVE you stupid... yeah, anyways. My favorite part of the movie is when the cool guy (his name is Emmett- Luke Wilson's character) tricks the pool boy into telling the court that he's gay. It's sooo funny! I went to see this movie with Allie, Emmy, Megs, and Addy- 4 of my fellow blondes- and we were cracking up, it was so fun. NOTE TO SELF: write Em... and Katie. My mother is making black bean chili for dinner... I'm going to try some. Dude, I'm trying to think of what to write now... Blaaah... boredness. Spring break seems to bring a lot of that about sometimes. So that's all I have to say webpeople, but enjoy this and enjoy spring!! Carry the banner..................~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~clairey the squiggles girl ~~ :-)

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