Tuesday, April 16, 2002

6:24 PM
Hey everyone... just wanted to let ya know, my puppy is okay! She came home today. I went to my grandparents' house for the morning, my grandmother's good friend from college was there visiting from New Hampshire. We had fun; I polished all my souvenir spoons (I've been collecting for 3 years or so) and they look really nice now... I'm gonna pack them up for the move. Anyway, then I was really tired after standing up at the sink so I lay down on the couch and watched a biography of Celine Dion. Then Mom came and we picked up my brother early because he went to soccer practice last night and of course his foot started hurting again (no comment from me on how smart that was of him... you decide). So we got Chick fil a for lunch and then I had to do my IVs so we watched the 2001 Oscars (as many of you know, I am an Oscar fiend- have taped them since 1998).. Then Mom went and picked up Tansy from the vet. And I have done some make up work, a little bit. So a pretty-okay day. Siiigh I just don't wanna go thru with all this work. I just cannot wait until summer when I can sit back and relax on a plane to Ireland. Urrrrrgh. I am going to go to school for a little bit tomorrow to talk to my teachers and get more work and ask questions, etc. Gotta go, that's about all that's happenin around this place at this moment. --clairey who hates being out of the loop

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