Sunday, April 07, 2002

6:00 PM
Ahh, it is so loverly and beautiful outside. Spring in this city is really so wonderful and enjoyable. Got up at 5ish to do my IV medication, then went back to bed til about 8ish or 9ish and then Mason left on his camping trip so I said goodbye to him and then went back to bed and slept til 11:45. Sleeping late was very nice. Obviously, I missed out on the church service, but I sort of thought that if I went, they would announce that I had been in the hospital but I would be here so I would be overwhelmed with sympathy and attention, which is all right to a point, but I just want to be treated normally. Maybe that is because I am feeling better. I enjoyed the attention but people saying I'm sorry got really annoying after awhile. I mean, I really and truly appreciate people's sympathetic feelings and their thoughts and stuff but I'm supposed to be getting WELL aren't I?? Okay, enough of that rant of mine.
Went to the club for lunch around 1 because cousin Brian's 3rd birthday is tomorrow (isn't it Harry Truman's birthday too? Hmm) and everyone of course asked how I was doing and made a semi-big deal which sort of pissed me off, as I told Mom in the bathroom, I just want to be treated normally!! Hmph. So I ate and then we came back home to do my afternoon IV medication and during which we watched "Legally Blonde", which my dad bought for us today at Target; he also bought "Remember the Titans" so we can have our own copy! (Deep down inside I was hoping he had bought "Newsies" or something, but I doubt it was there anyways. I need to get him on for that I guess) Then we took the dogs for a walk; I actually got outside! Yay! It it so gorgeous outside today though, really, if you're in the area, go outside! And I have mostly been on the computer for the rest of the time, filling out surveys and printing out stuff too. LN and I are going to get together this week since it's spring break. Also- Braves just beat Mets 5-2 in the 14th inning! FINALLY! Whoo hoo! :-) Dum da dum dum... my pain is still there but it's not terrible. However, this morning I was sort of freaking out and crying because it was hurting in bed and I didn't want to go back to the doctor and all... but then I felt better when I stood up. My bro is off camping til Tuesday so I have the computer and TV all to myself til then!! He he he. I am getting more used to bending my arm with the IV. "Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough baby..." I like that song! Okay, that's all I have to say for now... more later if I feel like it. --clairey, who's feeling a lot better than she did this time last week when she was in the ER watching "Boy Meets World"

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