Wednesday, April 10, 2002

5:47 PM
I'm watching "Full House"- it's the one with Steve Urkel guest-starring. And I'm talking to LN about the beachhouse-youth week dilemma. Yes, it's still a dilemma. So if you have any suggestions about that, e-mail me. Blaaah.
Music is a wonderful thing. It can make me so happy. Or so sad. Like "King of New York"- it makes me happy, very happy. And I'm listening to the clip at this moment!! Big smile. We're having stir fry for dinner.
I'm not sure if I'm going to school next week or not because of my IV but I need to get the make up work done. Need to, NEED to. Mom just said that we'll make a pact that tomorrow I'll look at my school work.
By the way, "The Discovery of Chocolate" by John Runcie is a good book. Read it.
Big huge sigh. I need to figure some stuff out. Like
#1- what I'm going to do about Youth Week OR beachhouse
#2- my make up work
#3- when I'm going back to school
#4- how to pack up my room
#5- if I don't go back to school next week do I want a tutor or not?
And I'm sure there are many more things as well.
Jeez, I just cannot wait til summertime!!!

come, come, come
So I can get out of here,
out of this country,
and go to the United Kingdom...
and not even worry about work
or school.
Just relax and have fun, with no
worries beside me or on my shoulders.
Then next year,
I can get a fresh start...

Things that would make me happy right now are...
having the Newsies soundtrack
being done with my make up work
not worrying about school
a new book (which I do have)
making up my mind about youth week-beachhouse

All these things will pass by. I will read a new book, I will buy the Newsies soundtrack, I will finish my make up work, I will be out of school, and the week of June 24-28 will pass by.
Urgh, ergh, argh, decisions, decisions.
Enough ranting.
--clairey the major ranter today of all days

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