Wednesday, April 17, 2002

5 PM
Hi dudes~~ Hm, today I woke up and went to my grandparents' house again... then around 10 my grandmother and I went by my school to see my teachers and get more work, etc. It was nice to see it again (I really hadn't seen my school in about 3 weeks!) and to see my teachers again too. They really are very understanding about getting my work done and I am SO grateful for that. So we spent about 2 hours there (more than we bargained for, but whatever), and then went back to their house and Mom picked me up. Then we went to Publix and got lunch (chicken tenders, potato salad, strawberries, lemonade, ice cream... yummmm) and hooked me up to my IV @ home. Then I watched Oscars 2002 (I just looove watching all the stars... seriously, someday I'm going to be there on the red carpet, either as an actress or a screenwriter, preferrably a nominated one). Mason came home and then I did some French homework (yay!) and hopefully tonight we can go to Wednesday Night Supper so I can see people. Now I am watching "Full House". I can tell that I'm still not all the way better because my energy level is still waaaaaay down so it's good I'm not doing much this week. I'm sort of excited about tomorrow because a really, really nice woman from our church is coming to hang out with me while Mom is at work tomorrow morning. Hopefully it'll be fun. This ends my 2nd full month of blogging... so long blog readers --clairey

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