Tuesday, April 23, 2002

4:56 PM
Hola, I went back to school today. Everyone was so nice and it was great to see them again. And it was Career Day- I picked such a smart day to come back! :) Anyways, we had Matt's parents in first period who are both lawyers... then in science we had a video production thing... me and Elsie did the make up! Shelby, Katelin, Noah, Eli, and Thyles did the "talent". In Drama they were rehearsing "The Age of ME by US!" and I got to see my Terrorism 9/11 skit performed for the first time. It was so excellent, powerful. And it was so weird to me because they were all speaking my words. It was great. In Chorus, Paige, the Young Singers of Callanwolde director, came and spoke to us. She went over all this stuff about how math is so involved in music as far as notes, etc. go, and I know that whenever I make a CD, I will sing songs that I know! Never will I go into all that math stuff- music is supposed to be fun! He he. There was a sub in GA History and I got checked out in the middle of it anyways because I am still so VERY tired and so I got home and rested. Then I've actually done some English homework this afternoon- go me! I am just SO overwhelmed, so, so, so, dear Lord and everyone else help me to get this done in 23 plus days. Yes, that's right, 23 more days left of school! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay. Time to go..... ~clairey who is pretty tired and wishes she could be totally better and at camp with Hallie

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