Saturday, April 13, 2002

4:56 PM
Bonjour, it's rainy outside. For any of you who may possibly be wondering, I am feeling better than I have been. Not much pain at all, energy level is fairy up there, IV doesn't hurt, etc. etc.... only thing that's bothering me is- take a guess- make up work.
So much to do. I hate being out of school and OUT OF THE LOOP. Jeez, how annoying and just terrible. I have the most work in language arts (yes, those of you in Ms. Franklin's class, just go ahead and say, "awww, too bad, I've finished it all..."), then other stuff. Coach O gave me a math test in my make up work covering stuff that I wasn't around for--- HOW STUPID!!! Urrrrgh. My bro has a friend over....... AND HE IS BEING REALLLLLLY ANNOYING!
OK, Claire, simmer down now. (You should hear us saying that @ Youth, it's fun) I reallllllllly wanna go to church tomorrow. Then I will get to see everyone! And I am definitely going to choir because the concert is in about a month. Or less. May 10th. Yay! The 2nd Annual Youth Choir Concert. Fun, fun.
Sigh. I am trying to think of something intelligent to say. Annie went to Paris for spring break- lucky! OK guys, I just cannot wait until school is out.
Things I am nervous about:
OK, so mainly there's only one thing I'm nervous about.
Good stuff that has happened today....
Think think, think think think.
Not that today has been a bad day, because it hasn't. It's just been a normal day, I suppose. Well, I'll get something later. That's about it pour maintenant....
Tchao (French)/Ciao (Italian) --clairey with the silver earrings

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