Saturday, April 06, 2002

3:59 PM
OK, shall we go on with the story of my hospital visit? S'pose so. So here we go again-- yeah, so I had a fever of 101 @ my grandparents' house so my mom called the doctor on call at my dr.'s office and he said, well, you should probably go to the ER for some bloodwork to see what's wrong. (I should also mention that before church that same day, Mom and I went to the dr.'s office because nothing had been getting better) So we went and we waited a loooong time (of course) and then a nurse put an IV into my left arm (aargh) and they gave me some Tordal (sp?) through the IV, and it's supposedly a wonder pain killer but guess what? It didn't help me! So then they gave me some morphine (yes, morphine, the drug- don't worry, I'm not an addict, I hate the way it makes me feel- all woozy and cruddy like that- who would want to do that for fun???), and that helped a little bit- it at least took the edge off the terribly severe pain. More doctors checked me out and I watched "Boy Meets World" for about 4 hours (it seemed) and then finally a doctor came in and said she wanted me to stay the night because she wouldn't feel comfortable sending me home. (Oh, may I also mention that when they took my temperature at the ER, I DID NOT have a fever!! Sheesh) And so of course I start crying because #1- I'm scared and #2- I WANT TO GO HOME. So then we wait like 3 more hours (at least until about 10 PM) and then they finally get me to a room. Although before that, they decided to take another chest x-ray. So I get all settled in my room (which was, by the way, Room #545- very nice) and then a doctor comes in and starts asking ALL these questions (a million of them, I can't even begin to say how many) and my dad comes and brings all my stuff and my mom goes home to see my brother before she comes back to spend the night with me. So the dr. examines me and then guess what? I am taken to ANOTHER chest x-ray at 1:30 IN THE MORNING! Hmph. How dare they interrupt my sleep. Actually, I never did sleep terribly well that night because #1- people kept coming in and out and #2- the pain in my left side was terrible. So finally, they gave me some Benadryl and some other stuff that made me drowsy and I drifted in and out of sleep starting around 3:30 AM or so. And we kept the TV on all night, watching "Notting Hill" and some other movies we brought from home.
From then on, the days sort of all blended together, except I got visits from (and not necessarily in this order): MONDAY- Wes, Melissa & Ronnie, Steve, John, Nana & Pop Pop, Mason; TUESDAY- Cynthia, Ellen M., Julia, Chris R. & Dan, Mollie & Ellen, LN & her mom, Helen P., Helen S. & Elizabeth, Barbara, Cheryl & Mason G.; WEDNESDAY- Millie, Diane, Megan, Kirsten; THURSDAY- Diane, Megan, Kirsten, Ann G. & 2 of her friends, Millie, Kady, Chris T., George, Nana & Pop Pop, Barbara
On Friday morning, I went home. I think that's all the visitors; some of them came more than once. If you came and you're not on here, yell at me! :-)
Mostly, I just stayed in my room and watched TV- I got to see all the good shows I never see. "A Different World" is really funny. :-) And of course "The Cosby Show" is just plain classic. And we watched movies too! The wonderful Sadowskis brought over movies, magazines, knitting/crocheting stuff, mugs from Starbucks, and little Starbucks goodies. Everyone was so nice! I got such gorgeous flowers too.
To all: I really, really appreciate all the support I've gotten this past week. I am feeling a lot better and hopefully it will all be uphill from here.
Although there is a small voice in the back of my head that is yelling "make up work... make up work!"
Oh well, I'll think about it later since this week is spring break.
That's about it.
--clairey the bionic woman

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