Tuesday, April 30, 2002

3:58 PM
Do you know why I am so extremely annoyed at the blasted blogger???? Because it erased all of my wonderful archives!!!!!!!!!! Well, almost all. It's terrible. I have written some really good stuff here! Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupidly annoying blogger. I was gonna show these to my kids, grandkids, etc.......... URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!! I am just very annoyed and pissed off and not in a very good mood because... well, a lot of becauses on that one. The blogger thing (hmph hmph hmph how terrible), and then I've noticed more and more that in the classes that I don't have many good friends in, the kids just seem to ignore me and talk to their other friends. Now, I usually don't mind this. And I guess I really don't. I usually just read anyways. But..since I came back last week, it's seemed like they ignore me more and more. I mean, last week it was like, "Oh! You're back! Glad you didn't die..." and then the next day it was "......." Also, there's another girl who has the same name that I do and... it just is annoying how people call OUR name but they're referring to her and I get all lost in the shuffle because they were never really talking to me in the first place. I mean, they're not really my friends or anything. I am just waaay looking forward to a new start to a new year at a new school. With some of the old faces, that's not bad at all. But some of them, it will be nice to get rid of them. No names mentioned because you don't even know them. A plus- we do get our yearbooks tomorrow during 6th and 7th periods (aka 1st and 6th periods because of the screwed up testing schedule). But my science teacher, who is in charge of the yearbook anyways, let me see it, and one thing that makes me SO mad is that they had superlatives... and they did "most popular", "most good looking guy/girl", "smartest", "friendliest", etc. etc... and a lot of the popular kids got them. It just sort of hurts, and even if they did superlatives they shouldn't have done those categories. Ahhh, the many rants of moi. Gotta gooooooo --clairey the very blaah and po'd person at the moment, especially at no archives!!! :-(

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