Sunday, April 14, 2002

3:54 PM
It just started raining. Tiger is winning the Masters- not that I really care but, yay! I got to go to Sunday School and church and lunch today! And I get to go to choir and youth in a little while. I heard something about Capture the Flag for youth but with this rain I dunno.... we'll see. Anyways, it was so great to be back at SS and church. Especially SS. We had fun talking- mostly the old crowd- Nathan, Mollie, Megan, Allie, me, and George. And I think that was all. But we walked down to Caribou (I got a Mint Condition) and talked and had a lot of fun. Then church- sat w/ David, Mollie, and Daniel... then went to lunch with Nana, Pop Pop, Mom, Dad, Mase, and Aunt Alice. It is like a sun shower outside! Very nice. I am feeling good. Mason, however, isn't; he hurt his toe camping last weekend so he is going to have to go to the dr. tomorrow and he can't walk very well. Uh oh. Today is April 14, the anniversary of the Titanic getting hit by the iceberg. Hm, how many years?....... calculating.... Whoa! 90th anniversary!! That's a big one. And it's also the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination... 1865.... 2002.... do some more calculating (on a calculator, of course says the non-math child).... the 137th anniversary of that! Wow. OK, that's all I have to say... buhbye --clairey

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