Monday, April 29, 2002

3:45 PM
Hi, I didn't get a chance to write yesterday. But it was a fun, happy day for the most part. Here goes...
Went to Sunday School- it's always fun when mostly just the "old crowd" is there, I know I've said that before. But we always have interesting and funny conversations that can go on forever; sometimes we don't even get to the lesson. Then we walked over to the front of the church where the confirmands were having their group picture taken. Gosh, a year ago TODAY that was us!! And it was a lovely windy blue skied day. Soo springy. Then we all went inside... my brother decided not to sit with us but that was okay. Prom was Satuday night so no juniors or seniors showed at church (David & Austin didn't show til youth)... me, Chris, George, Ben, Sarah, and Mollie sat in the back. I had a good seat so I could see the confirmation stuff very well. I loove checking out all the cool dresses the girls wear. The blue sparkly one I wore last year is too short for me now, I think. After church, (oh, and we learned who our new preacher is going to be when Elizabeth's family leaves in June :-() Mom and I went to Picadilly with my grandparents (my brother and dad had to go to my brother's soccer game) because they left today for Florida to visit my uncle... it is also their 52nd anniversary today! And 2 years ago today we were at my dad's 25th college reunion. Then Mom and I went home, and I actually got a teensy weensy bit of math done and then we went and picked up LN @ 4 PM.... then we went to choir and I auditioned for a solo part in the spring concert. I think I did pretty well, it's a bit high but it's fun. And LN got to sit in on choir (even though that's all she did- sit :-D) and then we went to the YAAB... we had council elections first... he he he Alex and Diane he he he. :-D Very... ahem interesting. But I cannot disclose who I voted for here because we don't know who I won yet, although they've already counted- arrrgh! But THEN we finally had our coffee house. It's been thought about for about a year and a half, so we finally did it! It was great- a ton of fun. Christy (one of our counselors) belly-danced, a lot of songs were sung, poems were read, etc. Me, Megs, and Molls did really well on our Dixie Chicks thing, and I sang "Voyage" and recited the poem I wrote about youth in language arts. Then at the end, another one of our "counselors" (former) sang this wonderful song he wrote that always makes me cry, and Allie too... it's about his little daugher growing up and the day she'll leave for college (she's still pretty little).
Then today, I went for the whole day! We had testing 1st-3rd periods and then 4th period, 5th period, 1st period, and 6th period. VERY screwed up schedule but I sorta like it because it's a change from the every day run of things. They gave us an hour for 20 questions each, so 2 hours (40 questions in all) and then another hour... 8-11 was testing! So I got to finish my book, "Zel". It was an excellent book by Donna Jo Napoli, so read it. I never noticed stuff until they pointed it out, but it was greatly twisted and intertwined. And on Saturday night I went to bed pretty early but stayed up for like 2 hours and finished reading "The Gospel According to Larry". It was a good book too, I forgot the author, I'll remember later... But today was okay.
Tonight is high school orientation. My first big look at the big picture. We shall see (dun dun dunnnn...)...
19 days and counting! If you don't count Field Day and the Last Day itself, 17 days! :-D
ps. Now it’s 9 PM… the blogger thing wasn’t working earlier so I saved it on microsoft word and now have pasted it back to blogger. Anyways, just FYI :-)

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