Thursday, April 25, 2002

3:24 PM
Something weird is happening... when I try to go to the website, my blog is not showing up... well of course if you are reading this, then it finally has, but whatever. I made it thru the whole day today, but am extremely overwhelmed at the amount of work I have to do for math, GA History, etc. AND I have my brother's school performance tonight. Thank God tomorrow is Friday and the Coffee House is on Sunday for Youth. I've decided to sing "Voyage" by myself for the coffee house and then me, Molls, and Megs are singing "Ready to Run" by the Dixie Chicks together (Megs' idea :-D). It was fun- we practiced last night during WNS. Running around the kindergarten room. And Marty, Victor, and maybe LN are coming on Sunday night too. Sunday is also Confirmation Sunday. I cannot believe that a year ago on Monday was ours. Jeez.. My brother is watching The Matrix, his favorite movie in the world (for some reason- no offense to you white rabbit Neo lovers out there). Urrrgh- I am feeling so left out in school, especially in math. FRIIIIIDAY! 21 more days. Countdown is beginning. A month from today I will be frantically packing to go to the wonderful UK... time to check email and see if this actually worked (if it didn't I am going to be reeeeealy pissed off)... peace --clairey

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