Monday, April 15, 2002

12:59 PM
OK, back at my house.... but before I go any further, I am worried about my puppy- she's at the vet because of a stomach problem- I think she'll be okay, though. Anyways- my brother's foot wasn't broken, just sprained, so he's wearing an ace bandage. But this morning I woke up to go to the dr. with Mom and him, and then after that I went to Nana's and had a tuna sandwich and stuff. 2 years ago today was their 50th wedding anniversary party. That was so much fun. Note to self: Work, work, work!! NO PROCRASTINATING ALLOWED! Also- be positive. Everything will work out. Besides, school will be out in 30 (school) days. Thank goodness, I need a break, even though I've gotten one, I need one where I can actually do stuff. But last night @ choir and youth was fun. In choir we sang (oh my gosh- what a suprise!), esp. "Joy in the Morning", which I think is everyone's favorite. Then at youth it was either Capture the Flag or movie night. So, because 1) I need to be getting better, so running, etc. is out of the question for now 2) I don't like Capture the Flag so I wouldn't have played anyway, me, Mollie, Chris, Thomas, and Beth watched "Mr. Holland's Opus"- very good movie, if you're a music lover, watch it. The rest of the people went outside and played Capture the Flag. That's about all for now....

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