Monday, April 15, 2002

12:10 PM
As many of you know, I am taking this week off from school to get TOTALLY better and do my make up work (no procrastinating allowed!). For some of you, this may seem completely unfair, but frankly, I would rather be going to school than be stuck at home during make up work. So there. Oh, by the way, I'm @ my grandparents' house because Mom and Mase had to go to the hospital (my home away from home) and get his foot x-rayed because it had been hurting ever since he returned from camping last weekend and then played his whole soccer game of Saturday. This morning in the doctor's office (yes, I went too, but before they had to go to the hospital, Mom was kind enough to drop me here), he told Marietta (our doctor, sort of- a nurse practioner) that he had kicked a tree... hm, wonder why his foot was hurting? Anyways, I'll be more specific later (like about youth last night and stuff), because Mom and Mason are here waiting for me to go home. Wish me luck on make up work (aaarrrrrgh aargh aargh) --clairey

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