Saturday, April 27, 2002

12:00 PM
My brother won his soccer game... and I went to the library with Mom to get a whole new set of books to read. My choices included: This is Graceanne's Book
The Minstrel's Tale
I was a Teenage Fairy
When She was Good
The Gospel According to Larry
An Acquaintance with Darkness

So I'll see how I like them. This afternoon I'm going over to Megs' house with Molls to practice for the Coffee House tomorrow. It's chilly outside and it's almost MAY! Craaazy. Siiigh. Not much else is going on. Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes died in a car crash in Honduras on Thursday... the whole living section of the paper was about her (mostly), I guess because she was from here. I never even heard her music (except maybe No Scrubs) but still, it's a sad thing. Makes you realize how fragile life is (of course a lot of things SHOULD make us realize that; we take life for granted)... peace out --clairey ps. my brother's violent video games are disturbing... urrgh. He doesn't understand.

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