Thursday, April 11, 2002

1:17 PM
Hey! It is drizzling and wet outside and it totally, definitely feels like a Saturday! This morning we went out to breakfast @ Evans with my grandparents and then I went to Chapter 11 with my grandparents, who bought me a new journal (that doesn't mean I won't be using this one!). Then we went back to their house to see the HUGE HUGE HUGE TV my grandfather got for his 75th birthday last week. It's crazily big, I could see a pore on Michael Landon's face during "Little House on the Prairie". Then we waited for awhile while Dad and Pop Pop switched the TVs around (the one that used to be downstairs is now upstairs, the one that was upstairs is in the guestroom, etc. etc.). THEN we mostly came home after driving around looking at houses that are for sale. And we picked up more boxes to fill up.
In a little bit I have to do my IV, and I suppose I need to look @ my make up work too (aaargh). Daddy says we can buy the Newsies soundtrack off Amazon today! (Let's see if he stays true to his word) Mason is playing at a friend's house. He has not done any packing up yet!! Sheesh!
Better go..................... pour maintenant, au revoir (for now, goodbye)
--clairey who has a new journal and king of new york stuck inside her brain
doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doooooooo~~~

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