Friday, April 05, 2002

10:50 PM
Well, guess what? I'm home!! Yay! I went home today. Although I'll miss my comfortable hospital bed... and the cable TV. Seriously, I was watching Nick@Nite with "Cheers", "All in the Family", "The Cosby Show", "A Different World"... so enjoyable! Ah well. Now I have my IV stuff at home. I really appreciate all the prayers and thoughts that have been sent my way. Guess what? I have to get up at 4:30 AM to have my IV antibiotics given to me tomorrow! AAARGH! Oh well- I guess I'll watch movies. He he. Gotta go, it's late. But I can sleep in my OWN bed! Yahoo! Oh, by the way, my pain is sort of gone but not completely. I suppose it takes time. Okay, longer later, I'll try and go thru my entire hospital experience. It was as nice as a hospital experience could get. G'night all --clairey the one on the mend

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