Saturday, April 13, 2002

1:03 PM
Hi guys, today I slept til 11 AM after my IVs, and then Lizzie called me and I talked to her for about 30 minutes. Then I read the paper.... Soon I have to do my IVs and I haven't even eaten lunch.
I had a dream this morning about camp... Hal was in it and hmmmm I think Emily was too for a little bit. It was neat because I've had camp dreams before, and it's like our L.G. meets in my church sanctuary to start with... which is what happened before in another camp dream! But anyways, then us girls in our L.G. (Hal included), went to our cabin and waited for our counselor (who, for some reason, wasn't there yet). We lay down on our bunks and there was sort of a weird computer in it. And then I realized that I hadn't brought any money so I couldn't buy anything from "Down Under"... and then our counselor came in, her name was Amy and I felt like I'd seen her there before... she looked sort of like a cross between Amy the church counselor and Catherine Moise (who I don't really remember because she was much older than me... weird). And then I think Mom woke me up because Melissa was on the phone.
KATIE- I wrote you back and put it in the mailbox!! Yay! :-) I really, really want to go to church and youth and choir tomorrow. I am hungry, I haven't really eaten and I have to do my IVs soon so--- bye! --clairey ps. guess what Dad finally ordered off Amazon last night?! :-)

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