Friday, April 26, 2002

10:05 PM
A month from today I will be on an airplane at this very moment with my grandmother. EXCELLENT!
My new favorite quote: "You've got splinters in the windmill of your brain!" --Mama, on "Mama's Family"... we were watching the Carol Burnett Show Stoppers and it was on there. Ahh, tonight I watched "Friends", "Seinfeld" "Sabrina" (she met her mother and sure enough- she turned into a ball of wax!), etc. etc... am watching "Seinfeld" again now. It's a show about nothing, but it's such a silly show about nothing. Tomorrow Mason has a soccer game at 9 AM so Mom and I are going to Panera to stock up on asiago cheese bagels and butter and sun-dried tomato cream cheese and hot chocolate and coffee for the game. Music, wonderful music, thank God for music. OK I think that's all I have to say, considering I'm watching a crazily hilarious show about nothing.
--clairey the music, youth, seinfeld, life lover
PS. there is no way that terrorists are scaring me--jeez, hakuna ma ta ta.... ok, I know that was a bit random but still... muchos true.

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