Saturday, March 16, 2002

9:35 PM
Ah, c'est samedi! Thank goodness! It was a nice day. I went to Panera with Mom for breakfast and got an asiago cheese bagel and then we went to the mall... bought 2 pairs of jeans at the Gap and they're really cool! I love jeans! And then we got my watchband fixed and I looked for the "Newsies" soundtrack in the CD store but they didn't have it... oh well. Then we ran back home (well, not literally, but you get my point dudes) adn got my $$ because I sorta kinda forgot it. And then we went to the mall closer to my house and I looked in the CD store THERE for "Newsies" but they didn't have it either... but then I looked on and they have the CD for like $8 or something! So that's good. And I went to Claire's and got my friend's b'day present and a pair of silver hoop clip on earrings. They look real, I have had 3 people ask me today if I got my ears pierced. So if anyone else sees me with them on, the answer is NO! He he. Then I grabbed a Chik-fil-a before going to church for Youth Sunday practice. It was fun... practiced singing and the drama thing (by the way, that reminds me, I've got to practice my lines- and memorize them- by tomorrow morning! DANG! Gotta get to work on that) and stuff. It's going to be a good service, I think. And I saw Katie and Rob S. who came back from college for his spring break this week. After practice I went home and cleaned up a bit... and then Marty came over!!! And guess what we did?! Hm... let me give it some good thought... we watched "NEWSIES"! He he he. We had a lot of fun doing that. And we had stir fry for dinner and then we watched some of "Little Women" to see more of Christian Bale.. and then we "rewatched" "Newsies", or we skipped to the songs. And then we watched the beginning of "Big" because Marty wanted to see what David Moscow looked like when he was little. Now my brother is watching "Shrek" and I should probably going shower because I need to go church at 7:45 AM TOMORROW MORNING! OH NO! Aargh. And I need to do some homework and memorize lines tooo..... blaaah. But tonight was a lot of fun! Hope everyone had a great day. much love --clairey Pulitzer may own the world, but he don't own us... Pulitzer may crack the whip, but he won't whip us... :-D

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