Friday, March 08, 2002

9:13 PM
Yo everyone who's reading this~
Wow, I was just going through pictures from 5 years ago and stuff and SO MUCH has changed! Even though I know that, it's still so hard to fathom... I mean, there were pictures of Epworth from 5th grade and we all look so LITTLE! I can't wait til we go this summer! I'm talking to Sarah from camp! I'm gonna try not to go to bed tooo late tonight. Cuz I shouldn't. Also talked to Molls. Hm.... nothing else interesting is going on except my bro is playing a hockey video game. Chicken pie was really yummy tonight!
"And the world will know..." (from "Newsies", I don't remember the rest of the words! Whoops!)
G'night, happy Friday

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