Sunday, March 24, 2002

9:09 AM
I didn't write yesterday because I was sitting in front of the TV most of the time. Just weak and tired. When I went to bed last night I still had a fever of 102 (although I think it went on and off during the day) but now I only have one of 99 or so. So I am probably going to church, and then to lunch because Mary and Clare and Steve are going to be there and then to Chris's Eagle Scout ceremony thing... but no choir and youth... sniff sniff. :-( Oh well. I will get to watch the Oscars from the very beginning then!! :-P In case you didn't know, I have taped the Oscars for the last 4 years- this will be my 5th year taping them. I wish Billy Crystal were hosting though... oh well. Hmmm I should probably go drink some water so I can keep getting well! Peace and no sickness to any of you all out there --clairey

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