Sunday, March 03, 2002

9:05 PM
Choir was fun, and then we went to my grandparents' house and saw Gabe and Rebekah and we went to Mick's! It was very, very yummy (of course- hee hee). I got chicken fingers and Dad and I split chocolate cream pie. Yummmmmm... So many tears at church this morning. I know I'm going to cry before this is over. Many times, I'm sure. I'm going to cry with Elizabeth- I think we all are. Sista E, I'm there for you babe... Yawn, SO tired! My fam is all gathered in this room (yes, the TV and the computer are in the same room in my house...speaking of which, my parents are set on finding a new house... of course, they've been saying this for the past, what? 5 to 10 years? Ever since we moved back here in '91? yeah, pretty much... hm) watching "Horsefeathers" with the Marx Bros. Sleepy time. G'night loverly people (yes, you're loverly because you're reading my blog!) --clairey

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