Tuesday, March 05, 2002

8:53 PM
Yawn, getting tired now... talked on IM for awhile, then did more homework and had dinner (sauteed chicken w/ broccoli and then double fudge brownie ice cream pour le dessert). Then more homework, now this. Argh, this GA History project and the lifestyle of the Reconstruction is really starting to annoy me because I can't find any stupid information on it!! Onemoreweekonemoreweekonemoreweek. Ah well. Got e-mails from LN, Michael, Annie, and John... and probably some other people too, oh yeah, Claire's quote of the day. (Not me, another one) Oh yeah- LN made up a new word! Well, not a NEW word, a new spelling- "yey"! It's pronounced "YAY" but you spell it y-e-y. So yey! And you know what is just horrible? We are studying Helen Keller a little bit for Exceptional Children's Week and every time we do I start thinking about the Helen Keller/Yankee Doodle joke that is the WORST and most cruel joke ever, but it makes me crack up. So thanks a BUNCH Chris and whoever else (ahem, ahem, David, Austin, Eric- I think- ahem, ahem) told me that joke in the first place. Yawn... early bedtime... G'night everyone, and PEACE!!! We need more of that, just look in the papers or turn on the news... Seriously, take that to heart and TRY it! Safe journey to wherever you are headed --clairey PS. oh yeah, tonight I talked to Lizzie and we had a fun conversation... then Mase came in and tried to steal my diary from last year, but he didn't succeed, so HA. Yawn.

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