Friday, March 22, 2002

8:45 PM
Hi guess what?! I AM SICK!!! HMPH!! That is SO unfair! I woke up with a fever of 102 and then I just stayed in Mom and Dad's bed for about 5 hours and then watched TV and have been watching TV for a while... so I couldn't go to LN's! So we'll have to do it another time. But I missed the last day of testing which really pissed me off because I always seem to get sick during testing. Blah... but I'm feeling a little better. The nice thing is that I don't have any homework because I don't have my makeup work or whatever. So I can relax this weekend. Nothing much has happened today as you can probably tell but anyways... maybe there will be more tomorrow. Mason is on a trip with his school so it's just me and Mom at home since Dad is out reffing. Wish me luck on getting well! --clairey

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