Friday, March 01, 2002

8:41 PM Yumm, Mick's was GOOD!!! Mom and I had a really nice conversation too; I really appreciate that I can do that with her. Saw Martha H. there! What a surprise (since we both love it- lol :-D)! Hee hee. Also, Emily and her family were there! Gee, it's hoppin on a Friday night. I got a salad with blue cheese (YUMMMMMMM!) and then a bacon burger with blue cheese (can you tell I love blue cheese???! I do!). And then we ordered a piece of chocolate cream pie that is sitting in my refrigerator right now and I am probably going to go eat in a couple of minutes. A year ago today Martha L., Leigh, Sara, and me made up our song at lunch!! "Don't eat the wheat bread, ONLY the white bread"!! Hee hee, that was fun. Now Mom and I are watching "The American President" and I want to go eat chocolate pie... oh yum.
Chocolate cream pie
is a dream that flies high,
-- clairey

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