Friday, March 15, 2002

8:26 PM
Hey guess what everyone! It's FRIDAY! Thank goodness!! Hm, today was a fun day, and it was actually all in all a funny week. I laughed a lot, for random reasons (but isn't that the best?). In first period we took a capitalization test (blah), and in science we presented our projects (which I finished last night :-D). In drama we played fun games (especially "Worst Ever" when we did "worst teachers"... that was so hilarious!). In chorus we finished "Music of the Heart", which was, all in all, a pretty good movie, except when the main song came on at the end because it's sung by N'Sync. Yechhh! In GA History we worked on our chapter questions. At lunch I read by myself since the strings people went to Festival... it was fun though. It was nice of Alexa and Claire and them to invite me to sit at their table, but sometimes it's just nice to sit by yourself and enjoy a good book (in this case "Welcome to the Great Mysterious"). In French there were only about 8 people in our class because the strings people were gone so we just watched "Chocolat"! That's all! I read the book this past summer and it is REALLY good. In math we did more work... and had fun since there weren't many people in class. Then I came home and it was really funny because when Mom picked me up, she showed me the "Newsies" movie she picked up from Blockbuster, so I waved it out the window and shouted, "Martha! Look what I've got!" And she saw it and then Kelly did and she said, "What is it?!" And I said, "What do you think it is?!" And it was really funny. I hope Marty can come over tomorrow night so we can watch it, I've already watched it today but I really enjoy watching it, especially the music! Doo dee doo... Mom and I are watching "Four Weddings and a Funeral"... tomorrow should be fun. Yawn, g'night dahlings... --clairey

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