Tuesday, March 12, 2002

8:14 PM
Phew, FINALLY! Blogger wasn't working earlier this afternoon but now it is (well duh). Hm, my day, my day...
Had a nice shower this morning and got all clean... a very good start to the day... Put my project in Ms. L's room as soon as I got to school (whoo hoo!) and showed Claire, Emily, Elisa, and some other people the 2 pictures of Jack Kelly/Christian Bale (whatever you want to call him, he's hot either way) that I got off the Net last night. He he he. Went to homeroom but guess what? LN wasn't there!! :-( And she wasn't there the whole rest of the day! She had a fever and I hope she feels well enough to come to school tomorrow because lunch and stuff was really bor-ing without her! On Channel One they showed the two blue beams of light that were set up in the place of the Twin Towers for the 6 month anniversary yesterday. I think that is a very interesting way to show it. Hm, in first period we did more grammar and stuff. Commas, etc., you know the drills. In science we went over worksheets. Took a test over "Thoroughly Modern Millie" in drama. It was pretty easy, then we colored talent show posters and us girls talked about our new fave movie. In chorus we took the "Newsies" quiz and it was unfair because Martha, Emily, and other people who worked @ Festival on Thurs. and missed the beginning got to watch it again and take the quiz for homework!! Hmph. :-D But I was near the room where they were watching it so I could hear. In GA History some people presented their projects... you don't have to, so I don't think our group will; our posters are pretty much self-explanatory and stuff. And LN wasn't here today anyways. Although she said that Roxanne (her sister) dropped off the poster in Ms. L's room. Lunch was pretty boring cuz LN wasn't there so I talked to Hannah and stuff. In French, we went over the vocab again and did the situation interviews. I'm partners with Laura. And in math we went over open sentences and I understand it much better (the study guide worksheet isn't gonna be graded- yahoo!). Came home for about 20 minutes and then went to the optician's to get a new prescription for my glasses. It won't be here til Thursday though. Then I came home and got on the computer, did some homework, ate some salmon, and got back on... sleepy. E-mail me! --clairey

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