Thursday, March 14, 2002

8:13 PM
Hi everyone!
Hm, my bro and I have been listening to "Newsies" songs because we can download clips of them! I have officially turned him into a "Newsies" fan. (He told me to say that because he's sitting right next to me... but he's NOT gonna tell me what to write!!)
Anyways, today was a funny day... I laughed a whole lot for some reason. But see, when I got to school I was sort of annoyed because I was nearly late and just getting there sort of ticked me off. But I got there and 1st period period was okay and then we didn't have to take the science quiz so that was awesome! And we did worksheets and then I was done so I read some more. In Drama we revised one skit that didn't need too much revising so then I got to read more!! He he. And in chorus we watched more of "Music of the Heart"... pretty okay movie. In GA History I laughed a lot for some reasons... dunno really why! But me, LN, and Andrew got a 96% on our project! Thank goodness! That makes me happy. And @ lunch I read. And in French we sang a French folk song... and then she put on a French CD and let us talk because our test has been cancelled for tomorrow since strings has festival. But in math we learned about solving inequalities with more than one variable... Aaaaargh!!! Blah and I have homework to do on that. This afternoon I walked the dogs with Mom and my brother and have done some homework... But I still have more to do. Tomorrow is Friday! Yahoo! This weekend I don't think I'm going to have TOO much homework so I'm going to rent "Newsies" and maybe invite Martha over so we can watch it and then Mom and I are going shopping on Saturday and then I have Youth Sunday practice on Saturday and of course Sunday IS Youth Sunday! So yeah. That's my weekend. Gotta go, tchao --clairey

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