Thursday, March 07, 2002

7:35 PM
Oh my gosh, this afternoon was really freaky. OK, first of all, since Dad got home, we all went on a walk with the puppy dogs and I met Melissa @ the church so we could talk about certain things... (NOTHING HAPPENED IN CHORUS!!!!!!! JEEZ!!!! never mind) And so when we were done talking (and laughing), I walked back home and Mom was outside and she said "The house 3 doors down is on fire"... and it was! It was really scary, because smoke was pouring out of the back windows and someone said that there were flames in the back... they tried the door but no one ever answered and the door was locked and stuff. It took about 10 minutes or so for the fire dept. to show up and when they did they worked really fast. I have never seen a house really on fire before, or firefighters really working. They had to drill a hole in the roof or something, and I as I speak (okay, write), there are still fire trucks over there. Imagine coming home from work and finding your house burning. One woman lives there, and she has a daughter who is in college (I think). Sheesh. So that was a very interestingly weird twist on my day. Then I came on home and talked to LN and told her about it and I also talked to Em, which was good because I think we needed to. And I talked to Allie- and Martha. Boy, a lot of people! And now I'm talking to Becky. Mom is making the bacon cheeseburgers.... YUM! :-D I really, really, really enjoy talking to LN and now I'm going to go email her back. Love --clairey

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