Friday, March 29, 2002

7:33 PM
Spring definitely seems to be in the air... a cicada (I suppose that's what it was, considering I'm inside and it's outside and it's also dark outside) was just chirping outside our open window. I think I am going to go to my journal and write letters to people telling them why I appreciate them in my life. I am just feeling like I really want to do something but I know I need to get well first, and I can't rush that getting well process. I am just thankful that the pain is not too terrible to bear like it has been in past hours. It's funny, when I blog I feel partially poetic. Like with my words. Don't ask me why. It just seems that way. And I type fast, long, and hard about absolutely nothing, it seems. Gosh, I love spring. And Easter always has that springy feeling. I remember in 6th grade and lower grades, me, Allie, Emily, Mollie, Megan, George, and Ben and all the little kids out in the amphitheatre for Sunday School on Easter, singing songs with the little kids and Mary Lindsay and Wes and Barbara and everyone. And the lush, green grass. And always putting a flower up on the cross at church and then going up at the end to sing the Hallelujiah Chorus.. I do sincerely love that part of it. It makes you feel like you're a part of something special. Spring makes me think of Epworth too. Actually, summer makes me think more of Epworth. It seems like for every season, there is a church event/happening that goes on with it. Spring is Easter/Picnics/Getting Ready for School to End/More Relaxed... Summer is Retreats/Movie Nights... Fall is Pumpkins/Retreats/New People... Winter is Advent/Christmas/Play/Musical... and I love every part of it. Mostly. He he. Daddy's home, maybe we'll discuss dinner now. ta ta, adoring fans out there (really, I wonder how many people actually DO read this and find it interesting? Maybe it's good that I don't know :-D) --clairey, the chinese food craving sick girl (how do I come up with such random titles?)

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