Friday, March 29, 2002

6:40 PM
Well I had another bout of pain this afternoon. It was weird because I went to the doctor to get a re-check (and we also found out that my brother has strep so I need to stay away from that!) and I felt fine and we went and got Blimpi for lunch and then I watched the Brandy version of "Cinderella" (hadn't seen that one in awhile) and then I was going to sleep in Mom and Dad's room and Mom went and walked the dogs because I was feeling okay but when I had moved to the bedroom, a section of my back hurt and I thought maybe it was because I have been really stiff and non-moving for this whole week and everything but then when I lay down my chest just below my heart (it seemed) or breastbone started having that sharp pain like it did on Monday night when I went to the emergency room, except it was in a different place. So I called Mom on her cell phone and she came home and called the doctor (actually she called the doctor's office-- took her awhile to get thru to the actual doctor) and gave me a breathing treatment (it's so annoying- I go from having them a lot when I was a kid to never having them for a looong number of years and then I get this and have to go back to them at least for awhile) and then gave me a Tylenol with codine which knocked me out and helped relaxed me... I think I panic a little when it hurts because I get so scared because of the pain and I sort of need to breathe in order to live and all that common sense stuff. So I slept for awhile and then I got up and watched "Full House" and "Friends" and am now blogging/checking e-mail/talking to LN, which makes me feel better... but still a little nervous. Maybe we'll have Chinese food for dinner. And I want to watch "Yours, Mine, and Ours"- wow, haven't seen that movie in forever. Maybe Daddy will rent it on his way home. He's also going to go see the dream home that Mom has picked out and stuff. He he he. Gosh, you know what, I am never going to get all this make up work done next week... they better give me til after spring break or SOMETHING. I don't even know exactly when I'm coming back! The doctor said start with half days but then of course I had this pain today so who knows?? Only time will tell. I will be missing the Tenebrae-- so I spelled it wrong, big deal, I always do-- service tonight and I really, really, realllllly want to go to the Easter service on Sunday! Mom & Dad have to let me go to that if I'm up to it, seriously, since it's only once a year and everything... groooooan.... moooann... any other noise of human annoyingness/aarghness/unfairness you can think of... I like that hymn, "When Jesus Wept"... what we sang at Youth Sunday. LN sent her e-mail so I am going to go check that. Then it's probably back to resting. Oh yeah, I forgot- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNIE!!!! And tomorrow- HAPPY SWEET 16 TO KAT! ;-D But more on that tomorrow. bye bye --clairey, still the sick one who needs prayers because she hates the pain she is in... sniff sniff... sympathy... oh i am so pathetic. ;-D joking.

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