Friday, March 01, 2002

6:20 PM... Aloha dudes... Been on the computer and such since I wrote last. And also in my room. Tried to find the Tara Lipinski tape from the 1998 Olympics, but NOOOOO- it has eluded me. Who knows where it is, all the videos are so disorganized. I am getting hungrier and hungrier pour le diner... (for dinner) In other words, j'ai faim!! :-D Hmmmm... Just thought of a poem I wrote about 3 years ago; it doesn't have anything to do with CURRENT current events, but I like it a lot. It's called VIOLENCE
A NATO bomb in Kosovo,
A massacre in Colorado.
Milosovich better get his senses straight,
While Klebold and Harris didn't feel so great.
A bomb at the Embassy in Hong Kong,
A kid at Heritage High gone wrong.
Children shooting guns all day,
committing suicide after they
have ruined other childrens' lives,
with parents' pistols, guns, and knives.

May be a little bit depressing but I am very proud that I wrote it. Time to go to dinner... It is SO cold outside! Au revoir, have a wonderful meal!! -Clarice (for Austin, David, Eric, and Chris)

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