Friday, March 08, 2002

6:20 PM
Hey y'all, it's FRIDAY! One of my fave days of the week! Yay. OK, today was a pretty good day. In first period we took 2 tests and I think I aced both of them... in second period we made that gak sort of stuff with borax and corn starch and stuff like that... and the science project has been switched from being due Monday to being due a week from today- YES!!! In drama we continued watching "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (NOT "Totally Modern Millie" as I accidently statyed yesterday)... we didn't finish though. It is a really enjoyable movie. And in chorus we kept watching "Newsies"... jeez some of those guys are HOT! And I was right! Christian Bale (who played Laurie in "Little Women") is the star. But it was made about 10 years ago (I looked it up on the web this afternoon). And the music is REALLY good- I want the soundtrack. We're not done w/ that one either. I guess we'll finish on Monday. In GA History we took our test, and I felt pretty good about it. Then at lunch, I think that me and LN and Martha were either really tired or had nothing to say, or both. I read and we were pretty much silent... :-D Oh, I finished "A Walk to Remember" last night. It is a really good book; I liked the ending, actually. And I didn't cry. But I don't really cry during books. Or movies for that matter. I cried about a week after I saw "Titanic" for the first time, but that was when I was 10. And I was reading "Hope Was Here" today. It's a very good book because it involves good food. Read the book. In French we took our quiz and watched "The Scarlet Pimpernel". The book is SO much better because the movie is just plain CONFUSING. Especially if you haven't read the book. And in math, Coach O wasn't here (how come he's always there for 1st period but never for 7th? Hmm...) so the sub spent the period trying to get us to shut up (some of these kids REALLY get on my nerves when they won't shut up, which they didn't) and we had a worksheet that none of us understood and so we have to finish it for homework this weekend and I bet when Coach gets back he'll say "Oh that was just busy work". But anyways. Then I came home, looked up "Newsies" on Google, checked my e-mail, and talked to LN, and I was going to blog but then Mom asked me to go on a walk with her and the puppies. So I did. It is SO nice outside! We walked by the house that was on fire yesterday and it seemed all right from the front, although Mom says that the major damage was done in the back. Then I came back home and watched "Full House" since my brother was on the computer and then guess what I found in the VCR? The tape of Sarah Hughes winning the gold! My dad LOVES to watch it! And so do I for that matter. It's just funny because I knew it would be in there and it was! He watches it like every night. So I watched it again (much to my bro's dismay- he doesn't understand why I like it so much... to paraphrase him, "I think you've seen it enough times that you can just replay it mentally." Yeah, well, it's not as enjoyable that way. And if I try not to complain about his video games, which I loathe as much as he loathes my watching figure skating over and over (AND my blogging- he thinks it's stupid! Hmph, how dare he... he has no idea what it is anyways), then he should at least give me the courtesy of being silent and not making smart comments. ANYWAYS-- now I'm back on and finally blogging. Tonight we're having chicken pot pie! Yum, yum, yum. "Chicken pie, lots of chicken pie... chicken pie, lots of chick-chicken pie... Round and round, old Joe Clarke, round and round..." Yeah, sorry, old chorus song there. REMINDER: Call Melissa tonight. Tomorrow morning I am going over to LN's house to work on the GA History project w/ her and Andrew and HOPEFULLY finish it since it's kind of like due on Tuesday. If anyone has any ideas about where to get info on Lifestyle in the Reconstruction period, EMAIL ME! If you have my address, that is. And then I'm going to my bro's band festival for awhile... Then back home. LN's coming to youth on Sunday! She really, really, really wants to. And today is Mollie's 2 month anniversary of her birthday and LN's half birthday is tomorrow! Hmm.. time to check e-mail once again. This was one looong blog. But hey, it's Friday, so I can take my time! :-D --clairey

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